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WHAT'S A CHURCH LIKE?inside out-wkend

Certain metaphors have been used in the Bible to describe the church. In this series we will discover what it means to be a church after God's own heart.

August 27     A Platoon of Soldiers

How can a church please the one who recruited them in His army?

September 3   A Field of Farmers

Patience is a virtue that farmers have learned to be valuable as they prepare the ground, plant seeds and wait for the crops to mature. How is this virtue demonstrated through a community of believers when difficult circumstances come their way?

September 10   A Team of Athletes

What can a church learn through a self-controlled and disciplined athlete about what it takes to obtain the prize?

September 17   A Company of Builders

What can a church learn from a company of builders about the quality of materials and quality of work that need to be invested in building God's kingdom?

September 24   A Corporation of Creative Managers

What can a church learn from the practices of creative managers about the values of wisdom and creativity that need to be applied in order to grow a church?

October 1   A Human Body

What can a church learn from medical professionals regarding the human body, and what analogies can be drawn about the church, the body of Christ?

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