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Did the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happen or was this a contrived event to validate His claims? If it did occur, what evidences prove it?

March 26  Does God Exist?
Before we can even start to prove the resurrection to be true, the fact of God's existence needs to be established. Where do we begin?

April 2  The Bible: Fact or Fiction?
Once we can establish that God exists, we need to provide evidence that what He says is true. How has He revealed truth and where do we find it?

April 9  Road to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey amidst shouts of adoration, "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" The triumphal entry of Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of one among many prophecies proving that He is indeed the promised Messiah! 

April 14   Road to Gethsemane (Good Friday)
At the Last Supper, Jesus Christ shared a Passover meal with His disciples. Later, he walked with them to an olive grove where He sweat drops of blood as He agonized over His coming passion and death while His disciples slept. What significance does thist hold for followers of Jesus Christ today? 

April 16  Road to Redemption (Easter Sunday)  
The crowds who exclaimed, "Hosanna!" with gladness at Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem now angrily shouted, "Crucify Him!" He who left the glory of heaven that mankind might be saved from sin's penalty now bore our sins on the cross. But this was not the end. He mocked death by rising from the grave. And now He lives so that we too might live! Hallelujah!

Come to all three of our special events for Holy Week, as the music and drama ministries of New Hope Church proclaim the hope of the resurrection in a stirring trilogy, Road to Redemption.

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